Believe in yourself Shreya



‘The only person you are destined to become is the person YOU decide to be.”
Its truly said that if there is no fear of failure, there wouldn’t exist any joy in success. My story has been a rollercoaster ride of battling self-doubt, sleepless nights, un-satisfactory results (despite a lot of hard work) to finally making it to my dream B school, a magical experience I’d like to share with all of you!
To start with, I am a person from a commerce background with an average profile. I had written all the management exams in 2018 however, due to lack of practice and proper guidance I couldn’t deliver results I wanted to. Still firm on my dream to do an MBA degree from a good college I decided to write all the exams again in 2019. I joined Quantifiers in June and it had an impact that’ll probably stay life long – It taught me to believe in myself! Since I had written these exams before I was fairly sound with my basics, however, I needed brushing up on a lot of concepts and a proper strategy to do well in mocks. Despite working hard, I was unable to score satisfactory marks in my mock tests and that’s when a one on one discussion with Sahil sir served as the fuel to not give up but keep trying. With proper analysis and a designated time table by sir, I gradually saw my graph improving and was fairly confident that I’ll do well on the D-Day. Call it destiny but I didn’t score the ideal percentile to fetch me calls from my desired colleges. I did have calls from others but I did not want to settle for less.
I finally gave NMAT and managed a score of 212. I was a little numb to react, I didn’t know if that score was enough to get me into NMIMS – a college I always dreamt about. I started to wonder whether I had put in the correct amount of effort and dedication or was it just a delusion. Perplexed about what the future beholds I got into the trap of over-thinking and anxiety. A few of my acquaintances had already appeared for the interview and their interview reviews only scared me more. Sahil sir did train me for my PI and managed to take a couple of mock interviews before so that I could be at ease. I only had one call and somehow I was sure I’ll spoil this too. I had made up my mind for a re-attempt but I had genuinely started hating studying by now. Going through the same formulas again and again for two years and not performing made me feel terrible. I finally decided to talk to sir about it and he just told me one thing “BELIEVE IN YOURSELF SHREYA, you got this.” He told me to put that cliché quote “Good Things Take Time” as my phone wallpaper to which I laughed and denied. Sir forcefully made me do it and trust me every time I saw it, it made me believe in myself and be patient. I ranted out the entire feeling to sir once again because the NMIMS results were due any day and despite a good GD, I wasn’t confident about my PI performance. Sir just told me to believe in my magic, to value my efforts and my dedication. The very next day the NMIMS merit list was out, still low on the confidence I entered my roll number, and “I got through ! ”. After staring at that notification for over an hour I finally messaged sir and the only reply was “MAGIC.”
“Good Things Take Time” – a pretty simple, common quote that we keep coming across on any motivational forum, changed my perception about life. Sometimes all we need is somebody to show us the world via a different lens and make us realize the importance of being patient and valuing our efforts. I was blessed to have such a mentor who not only guided me academically but also on a personal level, probably when I needed it the most. It has helped me relish this entire journey and believe in the little secret of magic!