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Never give up Sonia

“Never give up Sonia” , these were the words that have echoed in my ears for months now. I have mixed feelings penning down my journey from a mediocre student to somebody scoring a 97.9 %ile in CAT and converting my dream college – NITIE with rank 2.
‘Belling the cat’, a dream I have seen with open eyes, did not come easy without a cost ! It required hardwork, perseverance and dedication but most importantly the right mentor. A mentor like Sahil Sir who is a paragon of his domain yet, so humble with his students. I gave my first attempt in 2018 after taking coaching from one of the “best” online coaching institutes however, it turned out to be a disappointment as none of what was promised turned true. 
With big doubts in my heart and an iota bit of confidence I spoke to Sahil sir and made a decision to join QUANTIFIERS around May and it won’t be wrong to say it has been the best one I made. 
Starting with the perfect mentorship, Sahil sir didn’t only take out time to evaluate my strengths and weaknesses but also invested his time in devising strategies how I could maximise in my stronger areas and improve in the weaker ones gave me a great push. Gradually my biggest fear of the DILR section turned out to be a facade after he made us do more than 300 sets and I approached every set with a new learning experience. QA fears were promptly taken care of, the most important thing I learnt and would want to share is, how important is it to study relevant, I see many online coaching institutes teaching fancy stuff which is appealing to eyes but never relevant, at Quantifiers everything was served in the perfect proportion, not less, not more.
I don’t know how he does it but be it 10 am in the morning or 3 am in the night , sir managed to solve any doubt any time ! (Don’t believe me ? Feel free to ask any Quantifier student! ) 
CAT is not about how much you know its about how you approach it with whatever you know. This was what Sahil Sir taught me. A working woman, with a hectic schedule I had almost given up hopes on my dream but he didn’t. I did not follow any other material or youtube channel , etc. 
I blindly followed what he said and here I am writing this post ! 
Even after securing a great percentile the first thing sir asked me was not to put a facebook post appreciating Quantifiers but kickstarting my GD-PI preparation that in itself defines the kind of person he is. After a couple of mock PI sessions with him I finally had the confidence that helped me convert my dream B school. 
Thank you seems a little too less but I can’t really think I can express how much this journey taught me.  Learnings I will stick by my entire life.
To all the aspirants out there, if there’s someone out there who will take your responsibility who heartily, Quantifiers is the brand you can bank upon !!
Good luck