DILR- Evening Slot

Set 1:

A large store has only three departments, Clothing, Produce, and Electronics. The following figure shows the percentages of revenue and cost from the three departments for the years 2016, 2017 and 2018. The dotted lines depict percentage levels. So for example, in 2016, 50% of store’s revenue came from its Electronics department while 40% of its costs were incurred in the Produce department.

h of the digits 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 has been coded with one letter among A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J, K, with distinct letters representing distinct digits.

CAT 2019 DILR evening slot set 1

In this setup, Profit is computed as (Revenue – Cost) and Percentage Profit as Profit/Cost × 100%.

It is known that

  1. The percentage profit for the store in 2016 was 100%.
  2. The store‘s revenue doubled from 2016 to 2017, and its cost doubled from 2016 to 2018.
  3. There was no profit from the Electronics department in 2017.
  4. In 2018, the revenue from the Clothing department was the same as the cost incurred in the Produce department.

Set 2:

Three pouches (each represented by a filled circle) are kept in each of the nine slots in a 3 × 3 grid, as shown in the figure. Every pouch has a certain number of one-rupee coins. The minimum and maximum amounts of money (in rupees) among the three pouches in each of the nine slots are given in the table. For example, we know that among the three pouches kept in the second column of the first row, the minimum amount in a pouch is Rs. 6 and the maximum amount is Rs. 8.

There are nine pouches in any of the three columns, as well as in any of the three rows. It is known that the average amount of money (in rupees) kept in the nine pouches in any column or in any row is an integer. It is also known that the total amount of money kept in the three pouches in the first column of the third row is Rs. 4.

CAT 2019 DILR evening slot set 2
CAT 2019 DILR evening slot set 2

Set 3:

Students in a college are discussing two proposals –

A: a proposal by the authorities to introduce dress code on campus, and

B: a proposal by the students to allow multinational food franchises to set up outlets on college campus.

A student does not necessarily support either of the two proposals.

In an upcoming election for student union president, there are two candidates in fray: Sunita and Ragini. Every student prefers one of the two candidates.

A survey was conducted among the students by picking a sample of 500 students. The following information was noted from this survey.

  1. 250 students supported proposal A and 250 students supported proposal B.
  2. Among the 200 students who preferred Sunita as student union president, 80% supported proposal A.
  3. Among those who preferred Ragini, 30% supported proposal A.
  4. 20% of those who supported proposal B preferred Sunita.
  5. 40% of those who did not support proposal B preferred Ragini.
  6. Every student who preferred Sunita and supported proposal B also supported proposal A.
  7. Among those who preferred Ragini, 20% did not support any of the proposals.

Set 4:

In the table below the check marks indicate all languages spoken by five people: Paula, Quentin, Robert, Sally and Terence. For example, Paula speaks only Chinese and English

These five people form three teams, Team 1, Team 2 and Team 3. Each team has either 2 or 3 members. A team is said to speak a particular language if at least one of its members speak that language.

The following facts are known.

(1) Each team speaks exactly four languages and has the same number of members.

(2) English and Chinese are spoken by all three teams, Basque and French by exactly two teams and the other languages by exactly one team.

(3) None of the teams include both Quentin and Robert.

(4) Paula and Sally are together in exactly two teams.

(5) Robert is in Team 1 and Quentin is in Team 3.

A. Paula

B. Terence

C. Quentin

D. Sally



Answer: C

A. Paula

B. Quentin

C. Sally

D. Robert



Answer: C

A. Terence

B. Sally

C. Paula

D. No one



Answer: C

A Arabic and French

B Basque and French

C Arabic and Basque

D Basque and Dutch



Answer: A

Set 5:

Three doctors, Dr. Ben, Dr. Kane and Dr. Wayne visit a particular clinic Monday to Saturday to see patients. Dr. Ben sees each patient for 10 minutes and charges Rs. 100/-. Dr. Kane sees each patient for 15 minutes and charges Rs. 200/-, while Dr. Wayne sees each patient for 25 minutes and charges Rs. 300/-.

The clinic has three rooms numbered 1, 2 and 3 which are assigned to the three doctors as per the following table.

The clinic is open from 9 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. every Monday to Saturday.

On arrival each patient is handed a numbered token indicating their position in the queue, starting with token number 1 every day. As soon as any doctor becomes free, the next patient in the queue enters that emptied room for consultation. If at any time, more than one room is free then the waiting patient enters the room with the smallest number. For example, if the next two patients in the queue have token numbers 7 and 8 and if rooms numbered 1 and 3 are free, then patient with token number 7 enters room number 1 and patient with token number 8 enters room number 3

CAT 2019 DILR EVENING slot set 5

Set 6:

To compare the rainfall data, India Meteorological Department (IMD) calculated the Long Period Average (LPA) of rainfall during period June-August for each of the 16 states. The figure given below shows the actual rainfall (measured in mm) during June-August, 2019 and the percentage deviations from LPA of respective states in 2018. Each state along with its actual rainfall is presented in the figure.

CAT 2019 DILR EVENING slot set 6

Set 7:

The first year students in a business school are split into six sections. In 2019 the Business Statistics course was taught in these six sections by Annie, Beti, Chetan, Dave, Esha, and Fakir. All six sections had a common midterm (MT) and a common endterm (ET) worth 100 marks each. ET contained more questions than MT. Questions for MT and ET were prepared collectively by the six faculty members. Considering MT and ET together, each faculty member prepared the same number of questions.

Each of MT and ET had at least four questions that were worth 5 marks, at least three questions that were worth 10 marks, and at least two questions that were worth 15 marks. In both MT and ET, all the 5-mark questions preceded the 10-mark questions, and all the 15- mark questions followed the 10-mark questions.

The following additional facts are known.

  1. Annie prepared the fifth question for both MT and ET. For MT, this question carried 5 marks.
  2. Annie prepared one question for MT. Every other faculty member prepared more than one questions for MT.
  3. All questions prepared by a faculty member appeared consecutively in MT as well as ET
  4. Chetan prepared the third question in both MT and ET; and Esha prepared the eighth question in both.
  5. Fakir prepared the first question of MT and the last one in ET. Dave prepared the last question of MT and the first one in ET.

A Chetan

B Beti

C Esha

D Dave



Answer: D

A 13

B 12

C 10

D Cannot be determined



Answer: A

A Only Beti, Dave, Esha and Fakir

B Only Dave and Fakir

C Only Esha and Fakir D Only Dave, Esha and Fakir



Answer: D

A Seventh question

B Fourth question

C Ninth question

D Tenth question



Answer: D

Set 8:

Ten players, as listed in the table below, participated in a rifle shooting competition comprising of 10 rounds. Each round had 6 participants. Players numbered 1 through 6 participated in Round 1, players 2 through 7 in Round 2,…, players 5 through 10 in Round 5, players 6 through 10 and 1 in Round 6, players 7 through 10, 1 and 2 in Round 7 and so on.

The top three performances in each round were awarded 7, 3 and 1 points respectively. There were no ties in any of the 10 rounds. The table below gives the total number of points obtained by the 10 players after Round 6 and Round 10.

The following information is known about Rounds 1 through 6:

  1. Gordon did not score consecutively in any two rounds.
  2. Eric and Fatima both scored in a round.

The following information is known about Rounds 7 through 10:

1.Only two players scored in three consecutive rounds.

One of them was Chen. No other player scored in any

two consecutive rounds.

  1. Joshin scored in Round 7, while Amita scored in Round 10.
  2. No player scored in all the four rounds.
CAT 2019 DILR EVENING slot set 8

A 3, 6, 3

B 3, 3, 3

C 3, 3, 0

D 3, 0, 3



Answer: B

A Bala, Ikea, Joshin

B Bala, Hansa, Ikea

C Bala, Chen, Gordon

D Hansa, Ikea, Joshin



Answer: D

A Joshin

B Chen

C Amita

D Ikea



Answer: D

A Amita, Eric, Joshin

B Amita, Chen, David

C Amita, Bala, Chen

D Amita, Chen, Eric



Answer: D