My Success Mantra

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My Success Mantra

“Quantifiers” the name itself brings back mixed feelings of struggle, hardwork and triumph. It takes me to my journey with this wonderful organization that began in 2019 June.
A regular CAT asirant , I was determined to crack CAT this time as it was my third and final attempt. I rigourously joined every possible CAT preparation group on social media platforms and ‘Quantifiers Batch 2’ was my calling!
Certainly impressed by the active participation of the Sahil Arora on the group and his dedication towards his students, I decided to go with Quantifiers as my first preference. Without wasting time, I booked a demo class and ‘Voila’ that was probably the day that set the pace to my CAT preparation.
I have given CAT two times before but the only difference this time was the right guidance!
I’ll try and sum up my key take aways from this institute in bullet points and also share my strategy thereafter.
GUIDANCE and MENTORSHIP – I can’t recall a single day when I haven’t pinged Sahil sir for a query. Be it on the personal or academic front, he has always been somebody who sticks by his students be it 3 am at the night, I don’t know how he manages to do it, but try it yourself!
He makes sure he explains a question over and over again without losing his cool till all of his students get it!
I remember having hour long discussions about my mocks with Sir and he without a fail coming up with new strategies that surprisingly always worked in my favour 😛
My mock scores have fluctuated like a pendulum time and again and every time Sahil sir has turned out to be a zephyr of motivation.

STUDY MATERIAL – A very popular saying “Too many cooks spoil the broth” is something I have stuck on. I blindly followed Quantifier’s study material.
QA and DILR: I can proudly say the variety and diversification in their content is superior to many other coaching centres. You name a topic and Sahil sir made sure he’d give you tonnes of questions to get of the phobia. Talking about DILR, we have always had super interesting classes that covered a variety of content which is the most important aspect of the LRDI section and their LRDI playlist evidently speaks for itself.
I blindly followed every single thing that Sahil Sir said, never I experimented anything and everything kept falling in place, the thought clarity with which things were explained to is simply amazing.
MY SUCCESS MANTRA – A thing that makes Quantifiers unique is its strategy. They don’t teach over complicated formulas or topics that hold no relevance on the D-Day.
We were taught the conceptual approaches for every topic and also shortcuts wherever necessary.

PEER TO PEER LEARNING – The group discussions are super interactive and rich. Multiple approaches to solve a single question helps in the revision of some previous concepts and also helps building up the grey matter in our brain !

All of these things helped me bell my CAT exam as I was calm and confident.
Before approaching any set Sahil Sir’s words and techniques echoed and gave me the confidence to ace every section on the D – Day. Immediately after CAT, when other coaching centers slowed down, Sahil sir made sure we shift our focus to XAT without wasting any time. As a result of which I performed really well in that exam too.

With a score of 160 I managed a 99.14%ile in CAT (VARC/DILR/QA = 99.26/97.64/96.73) and a 99.985 percentile in XAT (VA/DM/QA = 98.12/99.97/99.4).
I’d like to end it by saying that I can assure you Quantifiers is not just a random money making venture but a family, being a part of which, you won’t ever regret! Difficult times require tough measures and Sahil Sir will be the perfect mentor to guide you through that.
All the best for your preparation.