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Aru Goel

Here’s my journey with Quantifiers !! I’m a BDS student, Being a non-engineer I was always a bit scared about Quant part and especially Geometry, I learnt about Quantifiers from their FB group, I was a bit skeptical in beginning, but I went through a couple of YouTube videos, took a demo, there was never a doubt then. I was awestruck by the pedagogy, the way everything was organized and served like we are having a platter. All the three faculties are the master of their field, but the way Rudra Sir taught us Geometry, it instilled confidence in me; infact workshops, repititive revision sessions insured that we were right on track throughout the journey. The motivational sessions by Sahil Sir never failed to amaze me, his own journey, the words he chose, the way he pumps confidence in you will never let you go off the track. Daily DILR practice, the variety covered totally changed my perspective towards DILR, I still remember how afraid I was of this section, but it transformed to my major strength in CAT. One of the major factor that distinguishes Quantifiers is their focus upon relevant topics, I came across various groups which covered P&C, Binomial, Multinomial to such extent that they will make you doubt on your capabilities, but we were guided to stay on track, special Arithmetic Workshops and booster sessions at the end made sure we were on the right track. Before I finish, A special thanks to Quantifiers team which made this journey easier for me. Good luck everyone !!

July 15, 2022