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To be honest, I dreaded Maths, did everything possible to stay away from it all my life till there was no escape in form of CAT. My basics were bad to another level, there were times I doubted my decision to appear for CAT and all this while Sahil Sir kept motivating me to push my limits. Initially it was really tough, my doubts were a proof of how bad I was at Maths but Sir patiently cleared each one of them. I remember messaging him at odd hours and always getting the solution, he kept calm with a student like I am and I can never thank him enough for that Also, Quantifiers helped me to a great extent, the kind of questions posted were very apt according to the actual difficulty level. At starting, I could barely solve any of them which made me realise how much 1 need to work on myself but eventually doing those DI/LR sets, Quant questions and Verbal RCs helped me get the best out of myself 1 am glad that 1 had an opportunity to couple my hard work with the right kind of resources, thereby making Sahil Sir and Quantifiers an irreplaceable aspect of my challenging journey.

July 15, 2022