DILR Condition Based

Almost every set you’ll ever find is a condition-based set, in every set, we need to pick up the clues, sort them, and reach an answer. Every topic in DILR is just a sub-topic of condition-based sets. What’s the best way to excel the CAT exam? Let’s discuss –

Understanding DILR Condition Based

Condition-based sets often require candidates to interpret and manipulate data according to the given rules or conditions. These conditions might involve relationships between different variables, constraints on the arrangement of elements, or specific criteria that must be met for a solution to be valid.

Examples might include:

  1. Constraints on Arrangements: Questions where a set of elements or variables needs to be arranged based on given conditions, such as certain elements being adjacent to or away from each other.
  2. Scheduling Problems: Problems involving scheduling events, tasks, or activities while adhering to specific conditions or restrictions.
  3. Logical Deduction and Inference: Questions that require logical deductions based on a set of conditions or rules provided in the question.
  4. Coded Data Interpretation: Sets where information is presented in a coded format, and candidates need to decode the data based on given rules or conditions to answer questions.

Condition-based is everywhere and everything, we can’t categorize it because that would be like listing the whole syllabus of DILR, we need to practice and I repeat, only practice from the right sources, for the right amount and it will be taken care of.

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DILR Condition Based Question Bank

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