Percentages might seem like just a bunch of numbers, but at Quantifiers, we believe they’re the key to unlocking your success in the CAT exam. Get ready for an exciting journey into the world of CAT percentage, where we’ll make learning not just understandable but also a whole lot of fun!

Understanding Percentage

Percentages are like the storytellers of mathematics. They take raw data and transform it into a language everyone can understand. It’s the way we express growth, change, and comparison, and it’s a fundamental concept that underpins countless real-world scenarios. Whether you’re figuring out discounts during a shopping spree, analyzing financial reports, or interpreting data in a news article, percentages are your trusty companions.

Now, let’s uncover the role of percentages in the CAT exam. This topic is vital for a couple of key reasons:

  • Data Interpretation: Many data interpretation questions involve percentages. Being fluent in percentages allows you to breeze through these problems.

  • Profit & Loss: In the world of business, understanding percentages is crucial for calculating profits, losses, and discounts.

  • Marking Schemes: Grasping percentages is essential for decoding the CAT marking system, as it’s often used to assess your performance.

Mastering percentages isn’t just about CAT success; it’s a skill that will serve you well throughout your life. It’s your secret weapon for understanding data, making financial decisions, and even reading the news critically.

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Practice Questions for CAT with Solutions

1. CAT - Percentage

1000 people voted on a resolution and 10% of the votes were invalid. After some discussion the 1000 people voted again and this time there were 20% invalid votes. The opponents increased by 50% while the motion was now rejected by a majority which is 300% more than that by which it was formerly passed. How many people voted against the resolution after the discussion?

Correct Answer


2. CAT - Percentage

Identical chocolate pieces are sold in boxes of two sizes, small and large. The large box is sold for twice the price of the small box. If the selling price per gram of chocolate in the large box is 12% less than that in the small box, then the percentage by which the weight of chocolate in the large box exceeds that in the small box is nearest to (CAT 2021)

1. 127

2. 124

3. 144

4. 135

Correct Answer

1. 127

3. CAT - Percentage

A box has 450 balls, each either white or black, there being as many metallic white balls as metallic black balls. If 40% of the white balls and 50% of the black balls are metallic, then the number of non-metallic balls in the box is: ( CAT 2021)

Correct Answer


4. CAT - Percentage

In a tournament, a team has played 40 matches so far and won 30% of them. If they win 60% of the remaining matches, their overall win percentage will be 50%. Suppose they win 90% of the remaining matches, then the total number of matches won by the team in the tournament will be: (CAT – 2021)

1. 84

2. 78

3. 86

4. 80

Correct Answer

1. 84

5. CAT - Percentage

Two alcohol solutions, A and B, are mixed in the proportion 1:3 by volume. The volume of the mixture is then doubled by adding solution A such that the resulting mixture has 72% alcohol. If solution A has 60% alcohol, then the percentage of alcohol in solution B is: (CAT – 2020)

1. 90 %

2. 92 %

3. 94 %

4. 89 %

Correct Answer

2. 92 %

6. CAT - Percentage

In the final examination, Bishnu scored 52% and Asha scored 64%. The marks obtained by Bishnu is 23 less, and that by Asha is 34 more than the marks obtained by Ramesh. The marks obtained by Geeta, who scored 84%, is (CAT – 2020)

1. 399

2. 417

3. 439

4. 357

Correct Answer

1. 399

7. CAT - Percentage

The cost of labor in manufacturing a product is 16.66% of the total cost. Due to improvements in automation, the cost of labor decreased to 12.5% of total cost, all other cost remaining the same. Find the percentage decrease in the cost of labor.

Correct Answer


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