Probability, often regarded as the enigma of chance and uncertainty, is the secret formula that can lead you to success in the CAT exam. At Quantifiers, we’re here to demystify probability, making it not just understandable but also a thrilling journey. Join us as we uncover the fascinating world of Quantitative Aptitude and how it can become your key to mastering the CAT exam!

Understanding Probability

Before we dive into the specifics of probability in the CAT exam, let’s embark on a journey to unravel the mysteries of probability. It is like the language of uncertainty, the science of quantifying the likelihood of events. It’s a tool for making sense of randomness and taking calculated risks. Here’s why it’s a must-master topic:
  • Data Interpretation: Many data interpretation problems involve probability. You’ll need to analyze data and calculate probabilities to make informed decisions.
  • Logical Reasoning: It often shows up in logical reasoning questions, where you’ll assess the likelihood of certain outcomes based on given information.
  • Problem Solving: It is the key to cracking questions related to permutations, combinations, and distribution in the CAT exam.
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Understanding probability is not just about acing the CAT exam; it’s about enhancing your decision-making skills, critical thinking, and the ability to make informed choices in various aspects of life. Join Quantifiers today, and turn Quantitative Aptitude into your tool for navigating the uncertainties of the exam and the real world!

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1. CAT - Probability

I have five 10-rupee notes, three 20-rupee notes and two 50-rupee notes in my wallet. If three notes were taken out randomly and simultaneously, what is the probability that at least 90 rupees were taken out?

Correct Answer

7 / 60

2. CAT - Probability

You are having 60 kinds of stone out of which exactly two are identical. The stones are transferred into three bags A, B and C equally. What would be the probability that the same Easier stones will be kept in the same bag?

Correct Answer

 19 / 39

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