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At Quantifiers, we recognize the crucial importance of preparation play in excelling at competitive exams like CAT, XAT, and OMETS. To aid you on your journey towards success, we proudly offer an extensive array of free mock tests thoughtfully crafted for various sections of these exams. Our CAT free tests offer a valuable opportunity for aspirants to assess their strengths and weaknesses across various sections, from quantitative aptitude to verbal reasoning.

Prepare with confidence. Excel with Quantifiers.

Variety of Tests at Your Fingertips
Our platform boasts a vast repository of mock tests tailored for CAT, XAT, OMETS, and more. Whether it’s Verbal Ability, Quantitative Aptitude, Data Interpretation, or Logical Reasoning, we have an exhaustive collection of CAT free tests covering every aspect of these exams.
Free Access to Mastery
Most of our mock tests are available completely free of charge. We believe in democratizing access to quality education and practice materials to empower every aspirant. These tests serve as invaluable tools for self-assessment, helping you identify strengths and areas that need improvement.
Premium Expertise, Personal Attention
At Quantifiers, our faculty comprises seasoned educators dedicated to guiding you through your preparation journey. We recognize the importance of personalized attention. Therefore, students in need receive individualized support and guidance, ensuring no query goes unanswered and no student is left behind.

Quantifiers is your one-stop destination for honing your skills through a comprehensive set of mock tests. With over 1000 tests available, aspiring candidates gain invaluable insights and familiarity with the exam patterns, question structures, and time management strategies necessary to excel.

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Begin your CAT, XAT, or OMETS preparation journey with Quantifiers today. Experience the power of practice, personalized attention, and a plethora of resources tailored to amplify your success. Join us and pave your way towards acing these competitive exams!

Quantitative Aptitude

Sharpen your quantitative skills through focused module-wise tests, refining your abilities in math topics for competitive exams like CAT

DILR Booster Test Series

Elevate your Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning prowess with our specialized booster test series, tailored for CAT and similar examinations

Verbal Ability

Enhance linguistic proficiency and reasoning skills with Verbal Ability tests designed for comprehensive preparation for exams like CAT

Critical Reasoning

Hone critical thinking and argument evaluation skills through specialized tests focusing on reasoning abilities crucial for competitive exams like CAT

Mini Mocks

Access condensed yet comprehensive Mini Mocks designed to simulate exam conditions, aiding focused preparation and time-efficient practice for CAT and similar tests

General Knowledge Tests

Explore our diverse General Knowledge tests, covering a wide array of topics and current affairs, crucial for enhancing awareness and acing competitive exams like CAT

XAT English Verbal Tests

Refine your English Verbal skills specifically for XAT through our tailored test series, focusing on language proficiency and comprehension for this examination

OMETS Verbal Tests

Prepare for the Verbal section of OMETS with our targeted tests, enhancing language skills and comprehension required for success in OMETS and similar exams

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We at Quantifiers understand and deliver on the personal attention each of our students requires. Whether it is through our pedagogy that enables non-engineers or non-math background students, our constant effort to proactively provide solutions, or our focus on our student’s goals.