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Discover what CAT aspirants have to say about Quantifiers. Our dedicated CAT preparation academy has helped countless students realize their dreams of gaining admission to top-tier B-schools. These testimonials offer a glimpse into the transformative journey our students have undertaken with us. Hear their experiences, success stories, and how our expert faculty, comprehensive resources, and personalized guidance have propelled them toward CAT exam excellence. Join the ranks of satisfied Quantifiers’ students and embark on your path to success. Your CAT success story awaits, just like theirs. You can also follow us on Instagram to stay updated.

I would like to start with this very sentence, The journey is more beautiful than destination To be honest, Verbal was never my forte, it lead to my downfall once in CAT, it was difficult to invest another year doing the very same things you’ve done throughout an year, you knew you were on right track, but then that wasn’t just your day. Here is when Quantifiers came into play, you seek direction or motivation, talk to Sahil Sir once and I’m sure you’ll have I can do anything attitude in you. I learnt a lot, I improvised a lot, I fell, I rose but the support and motivation was the only constant. The curriculum which was taught at Quantifiers, not only prepared me for CAT but the journey transformed as a individual too, making a much more positive person. I discussed doubts at almost every time the clock shows, at 1am, 3am, 5 am, it felt like someone was working on me 24*7, like someone is always pushing me to achieve more and more. The methods, the approaches, and most importantly no fancy stuff made things much more easier, it was like there was a roadmap and we just had to follow it. I would take this opportunity to thank Quantifiers for making the journey to IIM C less difficult than what it could have been.

Amrit Bedi

I first heard about Quantifiers at the very beginning of my CAT journey in April 2022, when I spoke to Sahil sir on call and he was the one who resolved all doubts and fears I had in my mind regarding whether or not I should continue down this path since being a lawyer, I come from a typically unconventional background for a CAT aspirant. While unfortunately I was not able to be a student of Quantifiers from the very beginning, I was a part of various courses later on, including the CAT QA Bootcamp workshop as well as the XAT preparation course. Looking at how active the Quantifiers community, nay family, was, how tirelessly the faculty strived to provide the best of materials and resources, and how diligently Sahil sir, Jasneet sir and Rohit sir left no query unanswered on their multiple groups across various platforms, it left in me a deep regret for not having been part of the same community from the get-go. My advice to all current and future aspirants would be to not waste any time and choose the best of the best at Quantifiers!


This was my 2nd serious attempt with CAT and I had to go full in this time. I continued my job as well during my preparation and utilized my weekends and late night for CAT prep. I had 67 % in the Quant section last year, this caused me a huge drop in confidence as coming from an engineering background , you are at least expected to be good at Maths. I scored decent in the other 2 sections and managed to get 89 % last year. For Verbal & DILR , I used mocks tests from different test series for improvement. For Quants, the struggle was still there and I was scoring very low in mocks. This was when there were only 1-2 months to the D-day. I contacted some of my seniors from clg who were already at IIMs and they suggested that I take Quantifiers QA bootcamp. I enrolled in it & used to watch the videos after coming from the office daily for 3-4 hours and solve questions on weekends based on the concepts learned and the different types of questions which were taken in the classes. I absolutely liked the sessions taken by Sahil sir and started enjoying solving maths. This ensured that I got ready for the final CAT exam. Then comes the final day. After a good VARC section(99.9 %), I panicked in the DILR section and was only able to solve 3-4 questions correctly and then in the quant section I was able to fetch a good 95 % . I got an overall percentile of 99.05 % & have cracked both IIM B & C It is never too late. The decision to enroll with Quantifiers for QA was the best which I took in my CAT journey.


After getting failed at scoring substantially high (98+) in any of the MBA entrance exams, I had hit rock bottom and had started contemplating how my life would pan out till i would reach 40s. I was stuck in a sector that had near zero prospects of growth. But my fate had something better for me. My dream of getting into a top b-school didn't die out. I got recommended by a friend to go for QUANTIFIERS CAT course. And it has proved to be the one of the most promising decisions that I have taken so far in my life. The 24x7 available hand-hold guidance and doubt-solving facility of Sahil sir and Jasneet sir breathed life to my MBA dreams. My score in SNAP 2022 and CAT 2022 took off . Everything about Quantifiers is great. But the best thing about it is that the MENTORS are your path bearers for not just the test syllabus and mocks, but also for shepherding you through the ups and downs of the entire journey of MBA entrance exams.


Taking CAT once is tiring, taking it thrice, with job, is exhausting - mentally, physically! I have known Sahil Sir and was a student in Quantifiers during my first CAT Attempt – 2 years ago, fast forward to this year, I'm still associated with Quantifiers in every possible way. Throughout my 3 years I've seen Quantifiers grow, most of the institutes change their priorities but Quantifiers - still an institute - for the students, three years ago, I saw doubts getting solved at 2-3 AM and today - still same and pretty sure will remain same. You need a mentor at every stage of life, even the champions have coaches, for me Quantifiers is my home, and solution to all problems. If you're someone who can't organize things for you, you get demotivated with small failures and you would want someone to push you consistently, Quantifiers is the place for you


Quantifiers may be an institute for everyone, but for me, it's much more than that, I was at a very strange and low point in my life - I connected with so many institutes that time but no one was ready to adjust with my financial situation, then came Quantifiers and Sahil Sir, every institute teaches, but Quantifiers nourishes you, they prepare you for life, they impart the willingness to win, anyone, anyone out there who is looking for CAT Coaching or mentoring - Quantifiers is where you should be.


Quantifiers wasn't my first choice when I started taking CAT/XAT Coaching, because I didn't know about it. Like many other people I fell into ad-trap, in the month of April I got to know about Quantifiers and I joined them, and after that my journey was never the same. Everything was haywire before Quantifiers; there they shaped me, the way they mentor students is beyond imagination, imagine someone being there 24*7, even if it's Saturday night 12 AM - they will revert you. If it's CAT Coaching, it's QUANTIFIERS.

2021, I joined Quantifiers after navigating through "n" number of options, I was very skeptical as Quantifiers is a relatively newer brand, but trust me, it did not take me even hours to change my opinion, I saw the doubts getting solved at 1 AM, inspirational voice notes coming at 12 AM, the most important part about any institute is how the institute treats the students who aren't naturally top performers, at Quantifiers everyone is treated in the same way, infact, the number of personal texts I've done regarding strategy, silly doubts and what not, I've never been disappointed.


I gave my first CAT attempt 2 years ago but I didn't perform as per my expectations, I decided to take work ex and give CAT again, I started self preparation but I felt I lacked motivation and consistency, it was getting difficult to manage CAT and job together - one of my friends introduced me to Quantifiers - from that day I was just served with the calculated diet - as in I was given tasks according to what I can do, soon I started seeing improvements - my mock scores varied, there were low days - there were high days - what was consistent is support from Quantifiers, the mentors are super friendly and approachable, the curriculum they follow is concise and right on the terms of what is asked in CAT exam, content followed up by mini tests, analysis, mock sessions everything was on point, I'm glad I chose Quantifiers. Good luck if you're preparing for CAT Exam. To the next phase - IIM Lucknow


IISC was a dream for me, today when it turned into reality, I feel it is the right time to write this. People look for the best CAT coaching while preparing for CAT, but sometimes you stumble upon an institute that is a little more than coaching, this is what Quantifiers is for me, I started my preparation in June thinking I was late, little I knew what the right mentorship can do. When you're at your home, any small trouble and we say "Mummyyyyy" without looking at the time, place etc, in Quantifiers we call Sahil Sir, the man never turns you down, everything you need in "Coaching - good teaching, doubt solving, mentorship, mocks, GDPI" is top notch when you are at Quantifiers, but there's something over and above, that is the support you get, be it day, be it night, these people are always there. Quantifiers is a clear-cut gem in the space of coaching, if you're someone lost right now, talk to Sahil Sir and you'll feel sorted. Good luck


This year CAT was my first CAT attempt, I was recommended Quantifiers by my friend Tapsi, an ex-Quantifiers student currently in IIM C, TBH, if it wasn't for her, I might've chosen some other platform, but the praises she showered left me bewildered and I chose Quantifiers, TBH, every day, everything she said was getting validated, the best thing about Quantifiers is that - teachers are super friendly and approachable, even if your doubts are silly. The way everything was taught in class is superb, being a non-engineer I was a little afraid of Math, but the way everything was taught - broken into smaller chunks and fed- made life super easy. The journey is the most important part for any destination and I can happily say that for me, it was a good ride To the next phase of life.


Before I joined IIM Jammu, I had a lot of uncertainties, a lot of opinions had confused me, I discussed the situation with Sahil Sir and he motivated me to join IIM Jammu and give my best - but my journey here had been nothing but a dream, if your vision is clear, you do the right things in college, I assure you, nothing can stop you from good placements. The culture here is superb. Throughout my CAT prep journey, as well as during college SIPs, final placements, one thing was consistent - the support of mentors from Quantifiers. I remember discussing all my tiny to "not so" tiny problems with Sahil Sir at any time of the day! We all need someone to lean on - Quantifiers is that shoulder for every aspirant <3


Imagine you are trying to lose weight, visiting the internet many times, and watching many YT videos, but something isn't just clicking for you, despite having all the right knowledge. I realized a little early in my journey that sometimes we need something more than "just knowledge", sometimes we are consuming a lot of content by looking at our peers but it isn't required. All you need is someone to tell you that this is what will work for you. This is what happens at Quantifiers - the place where the magic happens, you see mentors working for you more than you can work for yourself, any sort of help you need, mentors are a call away, a lot of institutes teach you, but Quantifiers nourishes you, it imparts in you the skill to never give up. Maybe that's what worked for me. To the next phase - MDI!!!


In 2022, I was confused, should I reattempt CAT or should I settle for something, my friends advised me to talk to Sahil Sir and rest is history, QA was something I was really scared of, and it became my strength by the end. The secret mantra is to keep doing what faculties tell you, the strategies, the mentorship, everything at Quantifiers is unparalleled. They instill confidence in you, the only think an aspirant has to do is stay consistent, rest - sorted. MDI it is - Good luck to everyone preparing for CAT !! If it's CAT Coaching - it's Quantifiers

Well, I’m not asking you to believe my words but go and witness yourself. I was a member of Quantifiers WhatsApp group, I was simply taken aback by the way every doubt was solved instantaneously, how can someone be awake 24*7. I have personally seen doubts getting solved at 2/3/4 in the night. I took up the course in June and my journey was never the same, I can assure you the amount of personal attention you get there, you can’t get anywhere. I mentioned to Sahil Sir too that I never felt that there was a teacher teaching on the other side, it was always like, an elder brother, who has been guiding/scolding me, the motivational sessions, the workshops every aspect that you can think of was taken care to perfection.QA was my biggest fear, I remember scoring in single digits in my initial mocks, but thanks to Quantifiers for believing in me, and making me realize that nothing is impossible. It would not be an injustice to say that these guys worked harder than us, pushing us every single day, and giving us regular tasks, DILR sets, and RCs.The most important part is, we were never taught the questions that were irrelevant from the exam perspective, sometimes I found some questions in mocks that were alien to me, but thanks to the mentoring, I was always aligned to what actually came in CAT.QA is a tough section for non-engineers they say, I disapprove of that, but trust me, the more classes I attended, the less I believed the statement, we were always told that “P&C nahi ayega aisa, Binomial me time waste naai kro ……….” Special focus on Arithmetic, Geometry and Algebra played a pivotal role in my scores, The booster sessions were the cherry on the cake, it was like every concept knocked our brain and entered. DILR focus was a different level, the variety we practiced made sure that we covered everything that could, as a result, I was able to solve 4 sets on D-day. Finally, I will again ask you to just join Quantifiers without a doubt and witness the magic. Thanking Quantifiers Adios

Dhruva Sareen

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