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Why Quantifiers Stands Out

Quantifiers has earned its reputation as the go-to choice for CAT aspirants through a winning combination of expertise, tailored curriculum, and unwavering support. Our team of CAT masters brings years of experience, ensuring comprehensive guidance.

Our results speak volumes, with countless students achieving their CAT goals. We adapt to individual learning styles, offering personalized strategies that foster confidence and competence. At Quantifiers, we’re not just preparing students for CAT; we’re crafting CAT champions.

Personal Mentoring

We believe “Every Individual Matters”, and that is why we keep a check on your progress, you update your daily tasks to a mentor and on the basis of your progress you’ll be guided forward.

Queries & Doubt Solving

You’ll be added in a dedicated WhatsApp group for the same, for any strategic doubt if you’re facing difficulty in any section/chapter, you’ll connect directly with the mentor.

Live Classes & Recordings

We offer live, interactive online classes led by experienced and qualified faculty, to provide students with a similar experience to that of an offline classroom. Almost 30% of our students cover the classes from recordings, never they have felt any inconvenience, if any, mentors are always there for you.


The CAT-alysts of Quantifiers

Meet the Genius Minds Behind Quantifiers; Unlocking Potential, One CAT at a Time

Rohit Kanwar

Rohit Kanwar

The Brain of Quantifiers
There are two ways of solving any problem – the technical way and the jugaad way – after that, there’s an evolved way that uses the mixture of both. Rohit Sir, after pursuing a masters has devoted his life full-time to helping aspirants achieve their dreams, teaching since 2004, he is a master in what we call the evolved way of problem-solving, students love him for his DILR-solving capabilities, with the aura to remain calm under every situation – he tries to imbibe the same characteristics in all aspirants.
Sahil Arora

Sahil Arora

The Problem-Solver
Product of a cliché pattern – engineering and MBA – Sahil Sir is known to be catalyst for any student, he’s a go-to person for any kind of problem a student faces – professionally or personally. He’s known as someone who never sleeps and is always available. 99%iler in QA & DI, he has a knack for analytical problems and just loves to be the problem-solver everywhere, having mentored more than 10,000 kids in the career, his aim is to make quality education – easier and affordable for everyone. The one who is always positively committed to your success.
Jasneet Singh

Jasneet Singh

The Human Calculator
The man, the myth, the legend – students call him the human calculator for his impeccable doubt-solving techniques; students say – if someone is preparing for CAT and hasn’t learned from Jasneet Sir, the student has certainly missed the best mentor there is for Quant. We, respectfully agree – Jasneet Sir – an engineer - left his job as an excise inspector and started teaching, he is a consistent QA 99.9 %iler and is available 24*7 when it comes to QA, his love for numbers drive Quantifiers – he’s certainly the soul of Quantifiers.


Company Timeline

Quantifiers Through the Years: Shaping CAT Aspirants’ Futures


Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions, Our Answers: Navigating the FAQ for clarity and insights.

At Quantifiers, we assume that students know addition, subtraction and numbers. Everything will be taught, right from the basics and your level will be gradually lifted. You just need to follow the schedule given.

You have access to the recordings until January 2025.

For online enrollment, there is one available batch, timings being 9:30 – 11:30 PM. If you prefer an offline batch, you can contact us or call us at 9988656560 for further details. You can also follow us on Instagram for regular updates.
Video downloads are not available but you can access them anytime from your laptop or mobile with an internet connection.

Doubt resolution is provided by our faculty 24/7 through WhatsApp groups. You can also connect with the faculty personally if you can’t understand a particular problem.

The complete course covers OMETs too, partial courses don’t cover OMETs.

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We at Quantifiers understand and deliver on the personal attention each of our students requires. Whether it is through our pedagogy that enables non-engineers or non-math background students, our constant effort to proactively provide solutions, or our focus on our student’s goals.