Reading Resources for CAT + 10 Ways to Improve Reading Speed and Comprehension

The Common Admission Test, or CAT, stands as a pivotal step for countless aspirants dreaming of making their mark in the world of business management. Mastering this highly competitive exam requires not just diligence but access to an essential CAT reading list, meticulously curated to empower your test preparation. Start harnessing knowledge from the experts’ top picks and make your journey towards achieving success in the CAT exam a strategic endeavour.

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Reading Resources for CAT

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding the structure and format of the CAT exam is crucial for selecting the right reading materials.
  • Dedicated study guides and practice tests are key elements of an effective CAT preparation strategy.
  • Emphasizing on essential reading materials can significantly enhance one’s problem-solving skills for the quantitative section.
  • An in-depth focus on verbal ability resources is vital for scoring high in reading comprehension.
  • Logical reasoning and data interpretation require methodical practice, achievable through targeted study books.
  • Selecting the most recommended books can spearhead a focused and successful test preparation journey.
  • The balance of breadth and depth in your reading list will be a major determinant of your CAT exam outcome.

Reading resources for different type of genres

Reading resources for Philosophy

Reading resources for Business and Economics

  • The Economist
  • The New York Times (Paul Krugman Articles)
  • Project Syndicate
  • Financial Times

Reading resources for Art, Culture and Literature

  • The New Yorker
  • Granta
  • The Culture Vulture

A checklist to efficiently complete your CAT tasks

  • 1 DILR Set
  • 10 Quant Questions
  • 1 RC Tests
  • 1 Read of the day

Seems like a lot? Remember the moment you start building the habit of doing and completing Daily tasks in hand you will be able to do a lot

Where to practice all the above checklists?

 Well Quantfiers DAILY Targets cover everything!

Daily Practice

Introduction to the CAT Exam and its Reading Requirements

Understanding the reading requirements of the CAT exam is paramount, as this segment is geared towards evaluating a candidate’s comprehension, interpretation, and language skills. With a focus on Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC), this section includes passages from various genres, making diverse reading practices essential for success.

Here’s a quick overview of how the CAT exam structure emphasizes reading:

  • Reading Comprehension passages encompass a major portion of the VARC section.
  • Candidates encounter a mix of academic texts and literature, necessitating wide-ranging reading capabilities.
  • The exam assesses the ability to infer and interpret information, analyze arguments, and understand the core intent of the text.

The CAT Reading List: What to Read for Success

Success in the Common Admission Test (CAT) is a journey that begins with a well-crafted reading list. Understanding the right materials to study can be as important as the study itself. This comprehensive guide to essential reading covers the key areas of the CAT: quantitative aptitude, verbal ability, reading comprehension, logical reasoning, and data interpretation. Delve into these meticulously selected resources to build a robust foundation for your CAT preparation.

Comprehensive Guides for Quantitative Aptitude

For those looking to master quantitative aptitude, a concrete understanding of basic concepts combined with the practice of various problem types is pivotal. The CAT reading list for this section includes texts that explain concepts in clear language and offer a plethora of practice questions, which are indispensable for developing the numerical agility required for success.

What to read for success:

We with our expert faculty compiled ideal CAT 2024 preparation materials


Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension Essentials

The verbal ability portion assesses the depth of a candidate’s language skills, including grammar and vocabulary, while reading comprehension evaluates the ability to process written information swiftly and accurately. Key resources for these areas provide insights into the intricacies of English usage and strategies to unravel complex passages effectively.

Essentials for enhanced comprehension:


Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation Key Reads

Logical reasoning and data interpretation are areas that test one’s ability to draw logical conclusions and analyze data sets accurately under time pressure. The CAT reading list for these sections equips aspirants with the methodologies needed to decode patterns and interpret data efficiently.

Best Resources for the CAT Exam to Enhance Your Preparation Strategy


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What is the CAT exam?
The CAT (Common Admission Test) is a computer-based management entrance exam conducted by the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) for admission to MBA programs. It is a highly competitive exam that tests candidates’ aptitude in various areas such as quantitative ability, verbal ability, logical reasoning, and data interpretation.
Why is the CAT exam important for MBA admissions?
The CAT exam is a crucial component in the MBA admissions process as it serves as a standardized measure of a candidate’s aptitude and suitability for pursuing a management degree. Many top business schools, including the prestigious IIMs, consider CAT scores for shortlisting candidates and making admissions decisions.
What are the reading requirements for the CAT exam?
The reading requirements for the CAT exam primarily revolve around improving quantitative aptitude, verbal ability, and reading comprehension, as well as developing logical reasoning and data interpretation skills. Candidates need to build vocabulary, enhance grammar, and practice solving reasoning-based questions.
What are comprehensive guides for quantitative aptitude?
Comprehensive guides for quantitative aptitude are books and study materials specifically designed to help candidates improve their problem-solving skills in math-related topics. These guides provide conceptual clarity, offer practice exercises, and teach effective strategies for solving quantitative aptitude questions.
Recommended books for verbal ability and reading comprehension focus on building vocabulary, improving grammar, and enhancing reading comprehension skills. These books provide techniques for understanding complex passages, practising critical reasoning, and mastering the art of effective communication.
What are key reads for logical reasoning and data interpretation?
Key reads for logical reasoning and data interpretation are books and resources that cover various types of reasoning questions and teach effective methods for interpreting data. These materials help candidates develop logical thinking skills, understand complex data sets, and solve problems based on logical reasoning and data analysis.
Which books are considered the best for CAT exam preparation?
The best books for CAT exam preparation are those that offer comprehensive study material, practice questions, and strategies for success across all the sections of the exam. These books cover essential topics, provide ample practice exercises, and offer insights into the exam pattern and question types.
Why is having an essential CAT reading list important for success in the exam?
Having an essential CAT reading list is crucial for success in the exam as it provides candidates with focused study materials, expert-recommended books, and practice exercises that align with the exam syllabus and pattern. A well-curated reading list enhances a candidate’s preparation strategy, boosts confidence, and improves overall performance in the CAT exam.
What are the key takeaways from the CAT reading list?
The key takeaways from the CAT reading list are the importance of comprehensive guides for quantitative aptitude, recommended books for verbal ability and reading comprehension, and key reads for logical reasoning and data interpretation. These materials can help candidates develop the necessary skills and knowledge required to excel in the CAT exam.

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